Pilot Study

New to PET/CT or other preclinical imaging? Have a new PET imaging idea, but need preliminary data to apply for funding for an actual study? MIC provides pilot studies for qualified researchers. Limited number of vouchers are being made available to Principal Investigators, aimed at pilot PET studies for quick go/no-go decisions with minimal financial investment.

Positron emission tomography (PET) provides the means to non-invasively and quantitatively image biological processes in vivo. Applications have included quantifying metabolism, drug pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics, cancer biology, immunology, immunotherapy, neuroscience, and cell trafficking, to name a few.

To apply, Principal Investigators should submit this completed form (one per PI). Applications will be reviewed by MIC executive committee and notified by email or phone.

Some criteria we generally look for include:
1. Is the research idea novel?
2. Will PET add value to this research?
3. Is the pilot experiment well designed?
4. Does MIC have capabilities to achieve wanted results ?

*Vouchers are applied towards imaging and radiochemistry services available at the Molecular Imaging Center and cGMP Cyclotron facility. Voucher recipients provide animal models, non-imaging reagents, etc.

Send us a message regarding the study: