Bone Clones, Inc Peforms MicroCT Scans at MIC

Molecular Imaging Center has been approached by Bone Clones, Inc regarding our state of the art MicroCT modalities and were curious if we could provide them with the highest quality MicroCT scans. We have performed microCT scans on specimens such as: Vampire Bat and Cave Myotis Bat skulls for Bone Clones, Inc. MicroCT data sets were then turned into 3D prints in house at the Bone Clones, Inc facility. Afterwards 3D prints were carefully inspected by technicians, whom cleaned and removed printing lines/artifacts, in order to make silicone molds. Production copies are traditional casts in polyurethane resin. GE Phoenix Nanotom M was used to peform MicroCT scans.

Bone Clones, Inc uses MicroCT at USC Molecular Imaging Center

Vampire Bat Skull, 8:1 Scale

Bone Clones, Inc Bone Clones, Inc uses USC Molecular Imaging Center

Cave Myotis Bat Skull, 8:1 Scale


More information on How Bone Clones, Inc uses Micro-CT data to convert to 3D print can be found here