High-resolution / Industrial NanoCT

Nikon Industrial CT at Molecular Imaging Center USC
Scanco Specimen CT uct50
GE Phoenix Nanotom M CT


Molecular Imaging Center is equipped with latest Industrial nano CT and micro CT scanners. GE Nanotom Phoenix M, Nikon Metrology XT H 225 ST are industry leading Computed Tomography (CT) scanners. These modalities are suite for variety of sample sizes, ranging from tiny rock samples to much larger animal skulls.


Applications Include:


Cracks and Failure Analysis


Grain Sizing


Implant Research

Biological and Geological Samples

Industrial Components



Modalities Available:

Nikon Metrology XT S 225 ST

GE Nanotom Phoenix M

Scanco uCT 50

Rigaku nano3DX XRM

Rigaku CT Lab 90