Data Visualization, Analysis and Quantification (DVAQ)

Image Analysis at the  Molecular Imaging Center

Molecular Imaging Center’s image specialists working with Volume Graphics software

MIC’s Data Visualization, Analysis and Quantification Laboratory is dedicated to provide enhanced multi-modal image processing, analysis and visualization capabilities to capture information with high versatility and accuracy.

The laboratory works closely with a variety of domains ranging from basic sciences engineering and well equipped with state of the art computation- and software- / analysis- capabilities to handle big data (>100 GB).

Some standard procedures available in-house include:

  1. Visualize microstructures and qualify /quantify any dimension/signal in a quick and non-destructive process.
  2. Assess material properties (density, texture etc.) and morphology at multiple levels of hierarchy using variable resolutions.
  3. Accurately, precisely establish quality control, failure analysis and material research across various industries.

Some domain specific analysis include:

  1. Multi-modal 2D/ 3D and 4D image analysis: Combining a variety of imaging data on a common platform to enhance the detectability / visualization of complex mechanisms that cannot be identified using a single modality. Some commonly used modalities include PET/CT, PA/US, PET/MR
  2. 3D and 4D Image guided injections: Stepwise mechanical movements are carried out with live images of the progress recorded by our scanners. Some common applications include injection of cells into pups using US.
  3. Shape and curvature analysis
  4. Image Registration
  5. Automated Segmentation
  6. Mesh generation for CAD and FE models.
  7. Material characterization: structure and geometry analysis