The Vevo® LAZR Photoacoustic

Vevo LAZR Photoacoustic Imaging SystemPhotoacoustics is a ground-breaking, real time imaging modality for visualizing small animal anatomy and analyzing function in vivo and non-invasively. It is the future of preclinical-imaging in real-time.The Vevo® LAZR Photoacoustic Imaging System inherently co-registers structural and functional data, simultaneously collecting and displaying high-resolution micro-ultrasound and photoacoustic signals for unrivalled small animal imaging. Read more about LAZR Photoacoustic

Photoacoustics Features:

  • Inherent co-registration of photoacoustic signal to 2D/3D anatomical target
  • Sensitive, specific molecular data for tumor microenvironment studies
  • Real-time, in vivo imaging of deep tissue, Resolution down to 45 µm