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Core Analysis of Reservoir Rocks

Studying samples of reservoir rocks: core analysis gives the most accurate insight into the characteristics of a drilled oil or gas well and the conditions down-hole. Typically, core samples of rocks are cylindrical in shape, taken from a core that is obtained from the side of and measuring about 1 inch in diameter and 3 […]

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Renal CT Angiography

A well-developed vascular system is crucial for the smooth functioning of the kidneys. Both harmful metabolic products and useful nutrients use the bloodstream to shuttle in and out of the organ. Consequently, a close interaction between the vessel system and the organ parenchyma is essential for the proper functioning of the kidney. To this end, […]

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Advanced Image Analysis Tools to Study Lung Airways

In depth understanding of mouse lung conducting airway structure is lacking. Building on this knowledge will aid in designing critical studies that establish relationship between structure and function and its alteration in small-animal based disease models. For example, being able to track the effect of particle inhalation from the nose to the nasal passages to […]

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