Aspect Imaging M7™ Mx Compact MRI

Aspect Imaging MRI M7

Aspect Imaging MRI M7 At the Pre-0clinical Imaging Facility

“Point and Shoot” Imaging for Pre-clinical Research. M7™ delivers imaging for mice and rats weighing up to 700 grams. The development facilitates 2D and 3D, in vivo and in vitro techniques, as well as potential pre-clinical research applications in cancer, obesities, diabetes, embryology, nephrology and much more. systems have leveled the playing ground for pre-clinical research of varying size and scale. We designed the Mx Compact MRI product line to be operable with no prior imaging or MRI experience. Simply at the push of a button academic researchers can gain deep insights into their biological investigations. You can find more information about vendor here






Application Oriented Imaging:

  • Anatomy and Morphology
  • Cancer Research
  • Ex-vivo Imaging
  • Neurobiology
  • Multi-Modality Imaging
  • Molecular Imaging Using Contrast Agents

Spin echo with the following options:

  • Respiration/cardiac triggering
  • Preceding inversion recovery pulse
  • Diffusion weighted imaging

Gradient echo with the following options:

  • 2D and 3D
  • Respiration/cardiac triggering
  • Dynamic acquisition – i.e. Dynamic Contrast
  • Enhnaced (DCE)
  • IR Snap for T1 map generation



Fast spin echo:

  • 2D and 3D Respiration/cardiac triggering Variable echo train length
  • Multi-point fat/water seperation

Small animal physiological monitoring:

  • Respiration, ECG and temperature monitoring
  • Respiration and ECG output triggering to MRI spectrometer

Isoflurane-based anesthesia:

  • Vaporizer with temperature and flow-rate compensation
  • Scavenging cube for waste gas
  • Breathing circuit with 3 access points